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           Future Visions
          NAME: Future Visions
          Product Description:
          Tianfu future visions
          l   To become customer’s first choice when it comes to OEM gear part or machine part
          l   To become customer’s best solution when it comes to customized cutlery design
          l   To become customer’s problem, fix and solution answer.
          l   To become customer’s best chose free machine part quotation provider
          As a professional machinery factory, we provide free machine part quotation and reasonable cost for sample making. Tian Fu Machinery provides not only in housed design products such as gear sets for different type need. But also customized products for customers with big brand name around the world. To respond the market demand and improve quality control , Tian Fu Machinery has been certificated with IS 9001, D-U-N-S Registerd certificate and Taiwantrade supplier verification.
          In 2013, Tian Fu machinery has relocated to our new fatory building with dedicated clean room for the manufacture production and increase machine for mass producing. Integrated product design , mold tool development mass production , printing , packing and delivery, Tian Fu machinery provide our customers one stop shop sevice to simplify their process. Our team also work closely with our clients to develop innovated produce to satisfy customer’s demand at the retail level for creative and value add products.
          look to the future, Tian Fu machinery will keep embracing new technical challenge to help our customer fulfill their ideas and striving for sustainable development and our customer commitment, superior quality, on-time delivery and promptness in customer service based on the present foundation. 


          l  成為OEM齒輪零件或機器零件的客戶首選
          l  在客製化設計中成為客戶的最佳解決方案
          l  改善客戶的問題,解決方案和解決方案。
          l  成為客戶最佳選擇的免費機器零件報價提供商
          作為一家專業的機械廠,我們提供免費的機械零件報價和合理的樣品製作成本。添富機械不僅提供不同類型需求的齒輪設計等產品。同時也為世界各地大品牌的客戶定制產品。為了應對市場需求,提高品質控制,添富機械已通過ISO 9001、D-U-N-S註冊證書和臺灣貿易供應商驗證。

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          No.50-13 Su Wang Road Ta-Li Taichung City Taiwan,R.O.C        TEL: 886-4-24076819        FAX: 886-4-24060338          E-mail: tianfu@ms19.hinet.net