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          NAME: service
          Product Description:
          Tianfu service
          Tian Fu review
          Fast customer response: when we get your inquiries and Tian FU machinery are replied in detail 24-48 hours after being received.
          ? Professional sales engineers: every engineer understands how make machine component from blue print to real machine part. If a customer has a problem Tian FU Machinery sales engineer will discuss the characteristics of how to make component processing with customers to come up with the best solution.
          ?Standardized pilot testing services: before delivery, Tian Fu machinery engineers inspect and test the machinery component such as gear, lathe machine parts, shaft, gear sets so on. those inspect is accordance with customer demand and pass back to customer to meets requirements better.
          ?Packing and delivery: Meeting with international standards, the packaging will well protect the machine component from damage during transit.
          ?Assemble and package design – good package design is the key to success in aftermarket repair shop business and with unit 100 to 2000 we all have different type solution to packing up and let your product look niece and shine.
          Tianfu OEM ODM
          ?? products OEM: Tian Fu machinery is a company with 50 plus experience in machinery part making. We manufacture more than 5000 different products including home appliance, fitness equipment, car accessories, bike accessories, garden power tool, hand power tool accessories. Our know how supply chain will provide you the best answer for your idea machine component.
          Tianfu process flow

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          No.50-13 Su Wang Road Ta-Li Taichung City Taiwan,R.O.C        TEL: 886-4-24076819        FAX: 886-4-24060338          E-mail: tianfu@ms19.hinet.net