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          W-9108 Trigger Nozzle
          NAME: Trigger Nozzle
          Product Description:
          4,5 Pattern Plastic Triggle Nozzle

          1. The front end of this product is a nozzle that can switch the water spray pattern
          2. There are many uses for washing cars, watering flowers and washing pets
          3. There are eight modes that can be used to change the sprinkler mode every time you change it.
          4. The material of the handle is plastic, hold up very stable


          Gardening is a fairly casual and healthy hobby. Many people like to set their own front yard into a small garden, to achieve environmental green and can take into account the dual goals of leisure. So many people will want to buy a suitable sprinkler for their own. The feature of this sprinkler is that the water grip is in the bottom of the nozzle, in front of the handle, different from the traditional position in the back of the handle. This design is ergonomic, so that when users use quite comfortable. In the other way, it can be switched through 5 kinds of water spray mode to correspond to a wide range of situations and occasions, can be said to be wide or small courtyard are applicable. It has mist, center, flat, shower, full, fan, jet, and normal mode.

          園藝是一種相當隨意和健康的愛好。 很多人喜歡把自己的前院變成小花園,實現綠生活,可以兼顧休閒語環境維護的雙重目標。 很多人都想為自己買一個合適的噴水器。 該灑水噴頭的特點是手把位於噴嘴底部,位於手柄前方,不同於傳統手柄的位置。 這種設計符合人體工程學,因此在用戶使用時非常舒適。 另一方面,它可以通過8種噴水模式切換到對應的各種場合和場合,可以說是寬闊或小的庭院都適用。 它有 mist, center, flat, shower, full, fan, jet和nomal模式。

          1 Remove the trigger nozzle from the package
          2 Mix the trigger nozzle with the water pipe, then take to the yard.
          3 Adjust the sprinkler sprinkler of the sprinkler to the spray mode you want to use
          4 Turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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