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          W-9135S 1.35 L Detersive Sprayer + 9 Pattern Spray Head
          NAME: 1.35 L Detersive Sprayer + 9 Pattern Spray Head
          Product Description:
          1.35 L Detersive Sprayer + 9 Pattern Spray Head

          1. This product is a container with a device that can be used in combination with a sprinkler
          2. The sprinklers and connectors of this product also have the same pattern switch as the sprinkler
          3. There are eight modes that can be used to change the sprinkler mode every time you change it.
          4. The material of the handle is plastic, hold up very stable


          Most people think sprinklers is for watering, so they are often regarded as gardening tools. But in fact, the use of sprinklers is quite a lot. For example, it can be used to car wash, can also be used to help pets bath, and even can be used to cool ... ... In short, because the sprinkler is no longer a simple gardening tools, so the function gradually diversified. The special feature of this product is that it is a combination of container and sprinkler products. Sprinklers can be used alone, and it can be switched through 8 kinds of water spray mode to correspond to a wide range of situations and occasions, can be said to be wide or small courtyard are applicable. It has mist, center, flat, shower, full, fan, jet, and normal mode. If you put a detergent in the container, you can even make it a cleaning device for car washing. Use quite a lot.

          大多數人認為灑水器是澆水的,所以它們通常被認為是園藝工具。 但事實上,噴頭的使用是相當多的。 例如,它可以用來洗車,也可以用來幫助寵物洗澡,甚至可以用來降溫......總之,因為灑水器不再是簡單的園藝工具,所以功能 逐漸多元化。 該產品的特點是它是容器和噴頭產品的組合。 灑水器可單獨使用,並可通過8種水噴模式切換,以適應各種情況和場合,可以說是寬闊或小型庭院都適用。 它有mist, center, flat, shower, full, fan, jet和normal模式。 如果您將洗滌劑放入容器中,您甚至可以將其作為洗車的清潔設備。 使用相當多樣化。

          1 Remove the trigger nozzle and container from the package
          2 Mix the trigger nozzle with the container and water pipe, then take to the yard.
          3 Adjust the sprinkler sprinkler of the sprinkler to the spray mode you want to use
          4 Turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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