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          GW-9525 Garden Watering Tool kits
          NAME: Garden Watering Tool kits
          Product Description:

          1.The product in addition to spray head, but also with a tripod
          2.Due to the high shelf height, it can be sprayed to higher plants
          3.Can not be inserted into the soil, can be directly on the soil surface to use
          4.Efficient use of water, so that a small amount of water can play the greatest benefits in the soil


          In recent years, to open up a family garden at home has become a popular leisure way to city people. However, plant cultivation should be planted according to species differences. Some are planted at low places, some are planted high, and plants at high places are not easy to water. As a result, this sprinkler with a tripod is suitable for use in such situations.

          近年來,在家開闢家庭花園已成為人們的一種流行休閒方式。 但是,應根據物種差異種植植物。 有些種植在低處,但也有些種植高處,而高處的植物不易澆水。 因此,這種帶三腳架的灑水噴頭適合在這種情況下使用

          1 Remove the sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the water pipe
          3 Take the area where the yard wants to place, and place it in the area to be sprinkled
          4 Leave the sprinkler and turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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