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           Mini Sprinkler Kit
          NAME: Mini Sprinkler Kit
          Product Description:
          Product Description:


          There is some type people will find life is boring or want to do meaningful while they have a lot of time to spending. To have garden is one of ideal stuff to do and can become good at. Mini sprinkle kit will become handily for those want have auto water system and do not want to spend a lot of money for doing so mini sprinkle kit it is perfect fit for small garden for those of you just want to start to gardening or have little space for not so much plant. If you do not have much time for water plant this also will be handily tool too. Imagine in hot summer time you still need to water you plant and going out to face that hot sun burn will use our min sprinkle system will have your problem solving. 

          Method of operation:
          The first step: Take out the sprinkler should be used to, and think about the amounts you want to use
          The second step: Accordance with you needs, you can choose to maintain the original sprinkler, or replaced by dispersive sprinkler
          Step 3: Take out the Tee connector, and insert the sprinkler to the top, the left and right ends are connected to the hose barb
          Step 4: Cut the hose to the length you need, and combine with the Tee Connector with hose barb
          Step 5: Take the combined sprinkler kit to the yard and lay along the planned sprinkler path. It can be hung on a branch or insert in the potted plants with the support stake.
          Step 6: After connecting with the faucet, turn on the switch and it will automatically sprinkle water.



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