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           Portable Mist Spraying System
          NAME: Portable Mist Spraying System
          Product Description:
          Product Description:
          Movie to let you know Site practical case to let you know the product is installed, you can spray a mist in the space you want, let your garden space, restaurants, stores, like dew in the morning the water like a breath of fresh air.

          Stay cool this summer with a portable mist spraying system!

          • The Portable Mist Spraying System provides relief from the heat wherever you need it.
          • Ideal for RV patio awnings, tents, canopies and other outdoor environments.
          • Pre-assembled with clip-on attachments for easy set-up and take-down.
          • It is easy to assemble and can be used with your garden hose or a pump.
          • This Portable Mist Spraying System offers unique and original solutions to solve your portable
            cooling needs.


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