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           Water Filter
          NAME: Water Filter
          Product Description:

          1. You can filter dirty water to make it clean
          2.Water can be used as an animal's drinking water
          3.The product is easy to carry and is suitable for rapid filtration of water during camping
          4.It can be connected directly to the tap to reduce the time it takes to assemble a filter
          5.Water pipes can be connected to increase the distance so that clean water can be widely used


          Inside the product with active carbon can filter water, it can quickly connect with the tap, reduce the assembly of a filter or ignition time of the boiling of water, it can also make rapid filtration clean drinking water, it can be connected with the hose, this can increase the distance limit, can be more efficient to use clean water while camping, camping is a must tool
          When outdoors, it can be used in the bath to make the bath water cleaner. When you take a bath, don't worry that the water will have other impurities. It may cause skin problems and let the user take a bath in the outdoors

          產品內部採用活性炭可過濾水,可快速與水龍頭連接,減少過濾器的組裝或煮水的時間,還可快速過濾乾淨的飲用水,可與軟管連接 ,增加距離限制,露營時可以更有效地使用乾淨的水,露營是必須的工具
          在戶外時,可以在浴缸中使用,以使浴缸水更清潔。 洗澡時,不要擔心水會有其他雜質。 它可能會導致皮膚問題,讓用戶在戶外洗澡

          1.Connect the green connector to the faucet
          2.The black place at the bottom can connect the water pipes and increase the distance they use
          3.Turn on the tap to start using it


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