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           brush cutter 2
          NAME: brush cutter 2
          Product Description:

          1. eliminating the trouble of weeding with manual tools such as sickle, you can remove weeds more quickly
          2. is made of aluminum material, so it is not easy to rust
          3., easy to carry, can be harvested in various places, such as mountains or fields
          4. backpack mower suitable for long time work
          5. light weight, not easy to cause hand fatigue in operation


          Full of weeds in the lawn, this time if a sickle, a cut, will spend a lot of time, is also very laborious, the work efficiency and reduce a lot, this time if you have a machine can quickly weed removal, users will have more time to maintain the lawn, let a lawn clean, can attract more people to have a picnic on the one hand let tourists seem to feel comfortable.
          The brush cutter aluminum tube has a certain length, so that people who operate the mower do not bend their bodies and do work, so that people can do things in a comfortable way, and the body will be healthier.



          1.See if the flameout line can be connected
          2.To determine the ambient temperature, the environment is cold Shizu throttle dial to OFF
          3.You can see the fuel flow out of the carburetor pump oil until return to the tubing
          4.Pull starter
          5.Adjust the handle and set the choke to ON
          6.Stop the choke valve to OFF at the end of the work and then stop


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