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          WL-2850 Water Wands
          NAME: Water Wands
          Product Description:

          1. This product itself has a grip button on the handle, press down to sprinkle water
          2. The front of this product has a shower head structure, can let the sprinkling range wider
          3. Compared with the general sprinkler, you can manually sprinkle the higher position
          4. The material of the handle is plastic, hold up very stable


          The characteristic of a long-handled water gun is that it can be used to sprinkle water at a height place. But the long-handled water gun style hundred kinds, different styles will have different enthusiasts use. This time to recommend this, it’s characteristic is the grip button. Different from the general style, the general long-handled water gun in the open faucet, the water will automatically flow out, and this is a grip switch, you can manually control whether to sprinkle water. This is quite helpful for saving water.

          長柄灑水器的特點是可以用來在高處灑水。 但長柄灑水器款式百種,不同款式會有不同的功能。 這次推薦這個,它的特點是 與一般風格不同,一般長柄灑水器在打開水龍頭時,水會自動流出,而這是一個透過握把控制開關的設計,可以手動控制是否灑水。 這對節約用水非常有幫助。

          1 Remove the handled and sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the handled
          3 Mix the long-handled water wand with the water pipe, then take to the yard.
          4 Turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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