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          W-2318S1 Water Wands
          NAME: Water Wands
          Product Description:

          1. This product is a knob-type long-handled water gun, is characterized by a knob on the handle, you can control the telescopic
          2. The front of this product has a shower head structure, can let the sprinkling range wider
          3. Compared with the general sprinkler, you can manually sprinkle the higher position
          4. There are two styles of grip material, metal and plastic.
          5. There are ten modes that can be used to change the sprinkler mode every time you change it.


          The traditional long-handled water gun compared with the general ordinary sprinkler, the characteristics of it is can be stretched very long. But the usual long-handled water gun is through the rod adjustment to stretch. On the other hand, this knob type of long-handled water gun, through the thumb on the knob to adjust the telescopic length. And the front of the showerhead structure has 10 modes to switch, it has mist, center, flat, shower, cone, full, soaker, fan, jet, and normal mode. So that it can not only help the plants watering, but also can be used to help pets take a bath.

          傳統的長柄噴水器與普通普通噴水器相比,它的特點是可以拉長很長。 但通常的長柄噴水器是通過桿子調節來伸縮的。 另一方面,這種旋轉式的長柄噴水器,通過長柄來調節伸縮長度。 並且淋浴頭結構的前部有10種模式可以切換,它有 mist, center, flat, shower, cone, full, soaker, fan, jet,  normal正常模式。 這樣它不僅可以幫助植物澆水,還可以用來幫助寵物洗澡。
          1 Remove the handled and sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the handled
          3 Mix the long-handled water wand with the water pipe, then take to the yard.
          4 Turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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