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          AW-S18 Water Wands
          NAME: Water Wands
          Product Description:
          garden tools

          1. This product is a long-handled water wand, the characteristics of Is it has a long grip
          2. The front of this product has a curved sprayer, can let the sprinkling range wider
          3. Compared with the general sprinkler, it can manually sprinkle the higher position
          4. Compared with the water pipe sprinkler, with long-handled water wand is more stability
          5. There are many holes in the sprinkler head, so that it has the same effect with the shower head, and because the horizontal surface design, it can make a wide range of sprinkling


          Horticulture can be said to be gradually leisure hobby. And some view plants, it is not inconvenient to water. If use the water pipe, because it is not good control, it may be waste of water. in this case, long-handled water wand is a best choice. Because long-handled water wand has a long handle, it’s very stable to use. And because it can lock the watering rang. it is more save water than ordinary sprinklers.

          園藝可以說是逐漸喜歡的休閒愛好。 有些人照顧植物, 如果使用水管
          並不方便,由於控制不好,可能會浪費水。 在這種情況下,長柄水棒是最好的選擇。 由於長柄水棒手柄長,使用起來非常穩定。 因為它可以鎖定澆水範圍。 它比普通灑水器更省錢。
          1 Remove the handled and sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the handled
          3 Mix the long-handled water wand with the water pipe, then take to the yard.
          4 Turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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