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            Air compressed
          NAME: Air compressed
          Product Description:

          1. can be used to inflate a tire without air
          2.easy to carry, it is essential to the car, convenient roadside maintenance
          3. tools do not make noise
          4. does not require batteries and does not need recharging
          5. can be configured with a variety of pneumatic tools
          6.The material of the bottle is made of steel, so it is not easy to be damaged


          The material of the product is aluminum, and it is not easy to be damaged, so don't worry that the gas will flow out of the cylinder. When you want to use the product, there is no gas that can be used to import into the tire.
          Do not need to use electricity, so in the use of not to have a socket to use restrictions, so no socket can also use this tool, because it does not need to use electricity so the use of this tool will not have motor tic noise impact on others.
          The tool is equipped with a toolbox, so it is easy to carry around and can use this tool anytime, anywhere. For example, driving to half results tyres without waiting for someone else to repair it, it takes a long time, and may also cause traffic problems, that this tool can reduce the maintenance of temporary problems, increase the safety on the road

          產品材質為鋁,不易損壞,不用擔心氣體會從氣缸中流出。 當您想使用該產品時,不用擔心沒有可用於導入輪胎的氣體。
          不需要用電,所以在使用中沒有插座使用限制,所以沒有插座也可以使用這個工具,因為它不需要用電所以使用這個工具不會有電機抽動噪音 對他人的影響。
          該工具配有工具箱,因此攜帶方便,可隨時隨地使用此工具。 例如,駕駛到一半結果輪胎而不用等待別人修理它,等待這需要很長時間,並且還可能導致交通問題,這個工具可以減少臨時問題的維護,增加道路上的安全性

          step1.Open the package and fit the red part on the cylinder
          step2.Fit the joint of the yellow plastic tube on the red part
          step3.The other side of the joint yellow plastic tube can be installed on any of the pneumatic tools
          step4.If the pneumatic tool is opened, the gas will begin to flow out
          step5. When the gas in the cylinder is used up, carbon dioxide can be injected into the gas bottle, so that it can be used next time

          步驟4 如果氣動工具打開,氣體將開始流出
          步驟5 當氣瓶中的氣體用完時,可以將二氧化碳注入氣瓶中,以便下次使用

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