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           Face Shield type2
          NAME: Face Shield type2
          Product Description:
          Thickness/ 1.0mm
          Weight/ 150g
          Size/ 300*200mm
          Model/ Headband type

          1. when cutting wood, the face mask can resist wood chips
          2. plastic material, easy to use, easy to wear
          3. transparent lenses will not affect sight
          4. lenses can be high temperature resistant
          5. lenses have a certain hardness, the surface will not be atomized


          A Face Shield made of plastic, so lightweight, easy to wear, and when you cut wood, use this Face Shield to help your eyes don't hurt by sawdust.
          The lens has a certain hardness, is not easy to damage, in the high temperature environment, the lens can not fog, resulting in inconvenience on the line of sight, so that users are more safe
          When woodworking is cutting wood, or when a metal worker is cutting metal, it may be slower to avoid injuries while working without full measures. This product allows employees to do things more efficiently at work because there is more protection for facial safety

          當木工切割木材時,或者當金屬工人切割金屬時,在沒有採取全面措施的情況下工作時可能會更慢。 該產品允許員工在工作中更有效地做事,因為有更多的面部安全保護


          1. Put the face mask openings to the head.
          2.The use of the mirror can be upward sliding, easy to breathe.
          3.After work, you can put the mask straight up to pick up.



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