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           Brass 3-arm sprinkler 8〞zinc base with 2 wheels
          NAME: Brass 3-arm sprinkler 8〞zinc base with 2 wheels
          Product Description:
          1 The product itself has three slightly curved iron pipes to facilitate sprinkling in three directions
          2 Can be high-speed rotation, with three sprinkler, can be a large area of rotation sprinkler
          3.It has two wheels in the bottom, so you can connect with the water pipe, pull the way to change the configuration of the location
          4 Lightweight, easy to move the layout
          5 Can not be inserted into the soil, can be directly on the soil surface to use

          Many people in order to water, will buy sprinklers to use. And most of the sprinklers, have to move to move to move their own position, which is inconvenient for people walking is troubled. The difference between this product and the general sprinkler is that he is accompanied by a wheel, and because it will be linked with the water pipe, so you can like a child holding a toy car holding the same, convenient and childlike.

          很多人為了澆水,會購買灑水器使用。 而且大多數灑水器,都要移動移動自己的位置,這對於行走困擾的人來說不方便。 這款產品與普通灑水車的區別在於他配有輪子,且因為它會與水管相連,所以你可以像小孩一樣拿著玩具車拿著同樣的,方便又小孩子。
          Operation method
          1 Remove the wheel part and the sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the wheel part
          3 Take the area where the yard wants to place, turn the black lid on the side of the plastic tray, and insert the water pipe into the water inlet
          4 Leave the sprinkler and turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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