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           Aluminum 3-arm sprinkler with plastic triangular base
          NAME: Aluminum 3-arm sprinkler with plastic triangular base
          Product Description:
          1 The product itself has three slightly curved iron pipes to facilitate sprinkling in three directions
          2 Can be high-speed rotation, with three sprinkler, can be a large area of rotation sprinkler
          3 The widest range of the spray for 1,060 square feet
          4 Lightweight, easy to move the layout
          5 Can not be inserted into the soil, can be directly on the soil surface to use

           Usually in the case of watering, are often using water pipes or watering the watering, but some of the family has big backyard, just by the traditional watering method, to all the things are watering is a chore, more Do not say that every day to water, so, like this kind of rotary sprinkler is a high-quality choice, as long as the sprinkler set at a fixed point, you can sprinkle through the sprinkler, breath watering large areas of plants.

          Operation method
          1 Remove the plastic tray base and the sprinkler from the package
          2 Mix the sprinkler head with the plastic tray base
          3 Take the area where the yard wants to place, turn the black lid on the side of the plastic tray, and insert the water pipe into the water inlet
          4 Leave the sprinkler and turn the faucet away and start sprinkling


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