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           Why do we need gears?
          NAME: Why do we need gears?
          Product Description:

          Engine or motor is power scouse what we all know, and it turn or run in one direction. Or think back in old day there is no much machinery people power by horse and them most use on horse drawn vehicle and in back or wheel you might find wheel has cut or latch to overlap each other. And this help back wheel have more power to turning and of course the horse will need to run harder. And now a day we have car and same idea apply. it need massive amount of force to get a car moving from a standstill and an engine that tries to go at top speed, right from the word go, won't generate enough force to do it. That's why cars need gearboxes. To begin with, a car needs a huge amount of force and very little speed to get it moving, so the driver uses a low gear. In effect, the gearbox is reducing the speed of the engine greatly but increasing its force in the same proportion to get the car moving. Once the car's going, the driver switches to a higher gear. More of the engine's power switches to making speed—and the car goes faster.   

          發動機或電動機是我們都知道的動力,它可以向一個方向轉動或運轉。在過去的日子裡,沒有多少機械作為動力,他們大部分都用馬拉車,而在後輪或車輪上你可能會發現車輪已經切割或鎖定相互重疊。而這個幫助後輪有更多的轉向力,當然馬需要更加努力?,F在有一天我們有汽車和同樣的想法適用。它需要大量的力量才能使汽車從靜止狀態中移動,並且發動機試圖以最快的速度行駛,從單詞go開始,將不會產生足夠的力量來完成它。這就是為什麼汽車需要變速箱。首先,汽車需要很大的力和很小的速度才能讓它移動,所以駕駛員使用低速檔。實際上,變速箱正在大大降低發動機的速度,但是以相同的比例增加其力以使車輛移動。一旦汽車行駛,駕駛員就會切換到更高的檔位。更多的發動機動力切換到提高速度 - 汽車變速更快。

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