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           keep our accurate
          NAME: keep our accurate
          Product Description:
          We can do with 250 mm wide with 100 mm long the precision can be in 0.01 mm
          About our precision control:
          Based on our technical staff skill and 50 days working experience and also thank to your young generation will to working on. Also thank to our friend to work with us let us have 0.01 mm precision.
          When we land the cnc lathe in factory, we did is level the machine. It is for making sure the bed is not twisted or bowed. And it also need untwisted to achieve accurate cutting geometry. And we also let machine do testing run before make any part. And we continually maintain machine and motor with iso 90001 stander.  

          當我們將cnc車床加工時,我們做的就是將機器調平。 這是為了確保工作沒有扭曲或彎曲。 並且它可以實現精確的切割幾何形狀。 我們還讓機器在進行任何部分之前進行測試。 我們用iso 90001可以確保品質。

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